Walter and Herbert: I moustache you a question

So our question to Walter and Herbert is: HOW ARE YOU SO PERFECT?

Liverpool-based Walter and Herbert are one of the brands which we stock which fits in so well with our Boptom interior.

Sophistication with a modern twist is what we live for, if that resonates with you, make sure you pop into store to check out our frames.

They say vanity kills but we couldn’t help but show off our Walter and Herbert display…

P.s We like to mix it up in store (to keep you guys keen) so don’t be surprised if the displays have changed around, it will just mean the Walter and Herbert frames will be in another area.

IMG_7105 IMG_7103 IMG_7102 1000 IMG_7110 IMG_7108 IMG_7107 IMG_7106 IMG_7131 IMG_7274